Advocating for Student and Faculty Due Process and Individual Rights

The Foundation for Advancing Institutional Accountability in Higher Education exists as a resource to UCLA students and faculty whose rights have been infringed upon by the University. The Foundation is an independent, non-partisan entity entirely unaffiliated with UCLA — enabling us to advocate on your behalf without being subject to the internal pressures and politics within the University. 

The Foundation's primary focus is to provide legal services on a pro bono basis to any member of the UCLA community whose rights have been infringed by the University -- and also to provide much needed accountability and checks on the nation's top-ranked public research university.

The Foundation has assisted graduate students facing academic freedom violations, supported graduate student teaching assistants' grievances against the University, and supported students involved in Title IX proceedings (both the accused and the accuser) to ensure they are afforded expedient and fair procedural advocacy. For more information, see our list of representative matters.


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Foundation for Accountability in Higher Education
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