Director of Media Relations
VP of Outreach

Cyndy Garvey Truhan had a long and varied career as a broadcast journalist in television, radio and print media. A native of Detroit, she traveled the country as the daughter of a career Lt. Colonel Air Force pilot. After graduating from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Health Science, Education and Social Science, she married and came to Los Angeles as a teacher where she raised her two daughters, then worked for ABC, NBC, CNN and several other networks. After working in NYC for many years she returned to finish her media career in Los Angeles and get a Masters in Public Health from UCLA. She has worked for years in the corporate world and served on the boards of many non-profits. She is also a published author and popular public speaker. She is well known for her research and interviewing skills, her Midwest personality and her sense of humor. Her personal interests are her daughters, her grandsons, music, reading, dogs and politics.